Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Results Of Early Morning Energy

This morning I have high good energy. Lots of it. Luck of the draw and the good fortune of having a solid night's sleep? ES says I act as if I am on steroids. My high good energy is as yet unencumbered with breakfast food responses in my digestive system.
Most mornings, I wake up with decent energy, always consumed with a parade of free floating ideas that need to be tethered with words. They come out of no where, come on the tails of dreams. I relish these free floaters. Early morning can be perfectly wonderful because of this flow and I put pencil in hand to capture as much as I can. And so it was this morning. I covered several notebook pages with a script for 'Finding Our Way's first promotional video. Making short videos of me talking about 'Finding Our Way' was a Caroline-suggestion.  "Make short videos that get folks as excited about this as you are," she told me during our last phone conversation.
Next week, I expect that she will use her iPhone to help me make several such videos and she will upload them on You Tube with links to the project's Facebook page and its Twitter and Instagram accounts. All in the service of building our audience for the public discussions on Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18. I love her idea and obviously, it settled in my brain because the first script manifested early this morning.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week's Summary

This has been a big week, full of family interactions on line and phone, long daily TO DO lists, writing and rewriting text for 'Finding Our Way', watching stuff slip through the cracks, coming up with evermore new ideas that need my consideration, making ready for October houseguests. I hung a new painting of Earl's over the buffet and am loving it. Totally weird and from his series of 'Portal' paintings for a show at Zoya's, opening on September 11. Zoya has a brand new gallery space on Fannin next to Diverse Works and Earl's work is her inaugural show.
It rained this week too. Most welcome after a completely dry month. After our very wet spring, Houston is now near drought conditions once again. Here's a photo from the screen porch after the sun came out. Verdant, all.
The family part of the week was wonderful. Queta spent several days on the Cornell campus and as she walked to and from her training sessions, she took photos and texted them to me.  For a full day, we played a text game. She'd send a picture and I'd tell her what and where it was. Loved having Queta on my alma mater campus. None of my girls have been to Cornell, ever. Told her she couldn't leave without seeing my old sophomore dorm. 
Sage Hall was the first women's dorm on campus, a huge old Victorian four story mansion, now an admin building. Told Queta to walk down into one the two gorges that cut through the campus and watch water rushing over rocky terrain. Told her if she had spare time, she could walk through the Cornell Plantation gardens and visit the ornithology lab. Walk the quad. Stand on the Willard Straight stone deck for the view of Ithaca and Cayuga Lake.
Fun to see Cornell through Queta's eyes. Here she is along the banks of Beebe Lake, photo received via text message.
Was listening to NPR on Tuesday when I heard the story of the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Immediately my mind jumped to the Woolworth building in Watertown, NY, where I stood in a window overlooking the town square. I was three years old and watching a grand parade of soldiers and bands. I was in a doctor's office with my mother and new baby brother. Mom stood at the open window with and said, "Remember this day, Mary Margaret. The war is over." 70 years later, I remember this moment.
Spent hours this week working on text for 'Finding Our Way'. Worked on text last week also, but those efforts became two books instead of something we can use in the actual exhibition. Fruitful, yes, but I am still honing in on what should be on the walls. I am getting closer. Also went to Office Depot and bought colored index cards and have been typing 'recipes' on them for the HOME installation. The cards need a few tea stains too so they don't look too new.
Also seem to be in 'getting ready for houseguests' mode these days. Had the Oriental carpet in the dining room carted off yesterday for cleaning and discovered that the pad under the carpet was shredding badly. Crumbling green like sand that I swept up, after I went to Home Depot and bought a new broom and dust pan. Does that tell you something about the state of this house and the tools needed for its upkeep?
A chair that I bought years ago in a Harrisburg resale shop and then stored at Sonny's warehouse is now in my living room, covered with remnants of Aggie fabrics. Looks wonderful, so I asked Karen G. for the name of an upholsterer. On Monday, I will deliver the cushions to be covered with these scraps of Aggie's hand printed fabrics. This will be quite the chair. So, we'll welcome October guests with clean carpets and a newly fashioned comfortable chair. And a full refrigerator.
Now must make a new TO DO list. Hair cut today too.