Thursday, November 16, 2006

Red Dress, Green Dress

Two days ago my sister stood infront of a store window in Seattle and saw a brilliant red dress with a plunging neck and as she says "an insanely gorgeous crisscross line over an open back." Kate was with a friend and in an uncharacteristic act, she entered the store, tried the dress on - and "in the blink of an eye, a heartbeat, in a single sincere gesture", her friend said, "I'm buying this dress for you."

This crimson dress is a life passage garment. A new expression of self. And among the many blessings of this purchase is the fact that my sister shared this red dress moment with a good friend who knew its significance.

Last weekend I had brunch with my long time friend Sally who said, "I saw a chartreuse dress in the Galleria. It's your dress. And it has... what do you call it? Ruching?" I was intrigued, and after I heard about my sister's red dress, a trip to the Galleria was inevitable. I had to see 'my dress.' It was just as Sally described it.

I stood infront of the store window eyeing the irridescent green dress and thought about my sister and her crimson dress. Wonderful, marvelous. She has a red dress and she will wear it well.

I walked away from the shop window. I did not buy the chartruse dress, or even try it on. Because I already own this one in my heart. So, here's to dresses that embody our hopes and dreams and joys. May they be ever senusous, bare backed, ruched and in the very colors that envelop our souls.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Crochet Cake

A week ago I inventoried the crochet neckwear I've been making over a year's time. I piled one on top of another as I typed titles and descriptions into my laptop. The pile grew taller and taller and began to list slightly. After all the pieces were accounted for, I noticed that the pile suddenly looked like a very elaborate cake. Delicious to look at and delicious to have a vision of dozens of women circling the cake, picking a ring of crochet to wear and dancing off together into a wild blue yonder.