Friday, February 03, 2017

Note to President Trump, Senators Gardner and Rubio

I am not a paid political agitator. And who in the world could or would pay three million people to march on the day after Trump took the oath of office? And who could organize and pay folks within hours to go to airports a week later to protest the ban on Muslin immigration? And yes, of course, you are receiving calls from out of state. We may not be your constituents, but as citizens, you do represent us.
As I said, I am not a paid political agitator. I march and protest and carried a 'Gray Hairs Are Strong and Strike Back' sign at the Women's March in Austin, because I am an engaged citizen, and since the Trump inauguration, I am a passionate patriot. It's essential right now to be engaged and passionate, because every day there is another effort on the part of this administration and Congress to tear apart our democracy.
And so, it is up to regular folks like me to protest in the streets and to call your phone lines and leave messages that ask, "What are you thinking? Stop these life-up-ending executive orders, say no to Cabinet nominees whose thinking is diametrically opposed to the mission of the agencies they will lead. Stop Steve Bannon, the white supremacist power behind this gold plated throne."
Let me say just one more time: I am not a paid political agitator. I am a citizen of these United States of America and you are my elected president and senators.
I suspect you've been bought off by corporate lobbyists. I sense that your rhetoric comes straight from scripts provided by conservative think tanks, i.e. The Heritage Foundation.
Why don't you join us in the streets and hear real stories? But you really don't care, do you? You've found your sweet spot and it's not with American citizens.

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