Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump's Tossing Executive Orders to His Base Like Candies

Women's March in Austin.
Trump has been in office for eight days and he is making good on campaign promises, hurling executive orders that are already changing American and the world. We are watching with wonder and horror as the free flow of information is choked off, and alternate facts are introduced as truth itself.
Trump's promises, fulfilled in a flurry of executive actions, address that now overt fears of brown skinned folks outnumbering white folks, and the changing American culture and the economy.
At the Republican National Convention and at his inauguration, Trump painted a bleak landscape, used the words carnage and tombstone and devastation to describe America. Things are very bad in these United States and "I alone can fix it."
Women's March at the Texas State Capitol.
In eight days, Trump has denigrated the press repeatedly, lied to the American electorate and forbid governmental agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Parks Service from using social media or having any contact at all with the public. The White House website no longer has pages for women's health or climate change. The option for a Spanish translation is gone. The White House phone line for leaving messages for our president has been cut off with an  instruction to communicate through social media.
Marcher in Austin sports The Donald's little hand on one finger.
I may have underestimated the effect that a Trump presidency would have on my psyche and body. I've been feeling DREAD since last summer, and after Trump's second debate with Hillary Clinton, I felt pummeled. I read later that many women in America felt pummeled during that debate. His words and body language echoed those of an emotional abuser. Many of us know what emotional abuse feels like. We recoil, move out of the way, leave the scene.
This man is our leader? Really?
During these eight chilling days of Trump, I've felt pummeled again. But I have also taken action. Here is the list of things on which I've 'moved the meter':
1. Marched last Saturday in the Austin Women's March with long-time friends. I will continue to march, wherever and whenever, for the issues in which I believe.
2. Signed up with Daily Action to receive a morning text message that gives me an issue and a number to call. I've been pretty good about making those calls about Cabinet nominees, the Dakota pipeline and House bill HR 669.
3. Beginning to craft words into op-ed pieces, so I can upload them to FaceBook and send them to newspapers and on-line media.
4. On the lookout for opportunities to support immigrants of all nationalities, and speak out, intervene, when I see bullying and unfairness.
5. Contribute financially to Southern Poverty Law Center and The Sierra Club and continue to support Planned Parenthood, American Civil Liberties Union and Emily's List.
6. Step back and center myself, so I don't live in perpetual DREAD. Instead, determine to be purposeful, knowing that when I resist Trump, I am working for my family, friends and colleagues and for my grand children's future.
7. Remember my mother's admonition to her choirs to "Reach down for the high note." For me, that always translated into seeing the big picture/the end game, before taking action - or reaching for that high note. It's easier to make your moves from 'above',  instead of standing on your toes to grasp upwards and feeling off balance and a bit uncertain you'll own that note - or that action.

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