Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Remember This Day

Awoke with a gentle expectation on this election day morning. Awoke with none of the angst and dread I've felt for months. Instead, there was calm and a wish to savor the dawn of this day when Americans might very well elect their first woman president. I awoke from a dream in which our family was gathering for a local East End political event. My daughters and I were together, we were complete.
On this election day morning, I want to say to my three daughters, "Remember today. Take a moment to feel this morning, so when Hillary wins, you can always conjure up the beginnings of this momentous day."
And leave the Donald out of this. Donald has been a big distraction. This morning is not about him. It is about Hillary, and women like Doris and Shirley, mother and grandmother who could do anything and had high hopes and unfulfilled dreams. Let us make this day, November 8, 2016, about every woman on this planet, our aspirations and disappointments and victories.
Holding on to this early morning moment reminded me of a day in the summer of 1945. I was three years old and my brother a newborn, and Mom toted us both to the pediatrician's office for John's first check-up. Mom led me to an open window overlooking Watertown's square, where marching bands and soldiers were parading. "Remember this day," she said to me, "Remember this day, Mary Margaret. The war is over."
I've never forgotten her admonition to remember the day, that particular moment. My wish is for each of us to remember a moment of this early morning because it is the beginning of a momentous day.
For me, this early morning is quiet, for my daughters, it is filled with kids and carpools and a bus ride to work. For extended family and friends and colleagues, it is filled to the brim with getting out the vote and whatever we do for love or money.
Remember, this day is exceptional.

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