Cama Beach on Fourth of July

Cama Beach cabins at sunset. Love the glow.
For years my daughter Caroline invited me to come with th family to Cama Beach and I declined. Told her I'd fly to Seattle for the annual family picnic and dates just didn't coincide with Cama Beach. Plus I couldn't see myself spending a weekend with 20 families with little kids. AND sleeping in small cabins with the bathrooms across the volleyball field.
Inside our cabin. Old fashioned and just right.
Two rows of cabins and a dirt walkway. That's it. And the water. And the tides. And the sky.
Caroline invited me again this year for  July 4th weekend and I said yes. We left her middle-school son and his dad at home. Lulu brought a friend, and with two bikes strapped on the back of the car, we drove north and crossed the bridge a very small bridge over to Camano Island and Cama Beach for three very good days.
First evening of the weekend. Chips and a glass of wine.
Watching over hot dogs and buns.
Here are photos of this weekend by the water. Loved watching the tides come in and go out. Constantly moving in one direction or its opposite. I love know that human beings can't totally mess with the tides' moon driven schedule. Hurray!
Caroline's friend Jerri photographs as much as I do. Low tide.
Good friends and daughters at the same age and stage.
Speaking of stage - both girls were in Green Lake Elementary's production of Peter Pan earlier this year.
Birthday sparklers on the beach. It's nearly 10:00 p.m. and not totally dark yet.

Friends watch the sunset and the tide rolling in. Bundled up too. Chill in the air.
Game-playing group spend an afternoon immersed in Mexican Train dominoes.
July 3 low tide morning walk north. Gorgeous. 
Love beach barnacles and stones and seaweed at low tide.
Friends in a soft blue air filled chair-of-sorts.
Leaders of the pack. Supper time.Great hat.
Bikes are really big this weekend at Cama Beach. Don't know what we'd have withour them.
Lulu and friends with s'mores by the campfire.
Such dramatic late afternoon light highlighting trees and silhouetting Cama Beach cabins.
Folks are firing up for more hot dogs and burgers.

Sara and Tinker Bell.
Marshmallows in the camp fire. Making s'mores.