Rome Travels Published On-line in Paper City

I'm a little late getting this Paper City Magazine link on Rockbridge Times. One week ago Paper City's on-line magazine published the article I wrote about our week in Rome with Earl's grand daughter Arianne. Here is the link. We three had a wonderful time together and it was fun to write for Paper City Magazine.
Arianne and Earl on Janiculum Hill with a bust of a 19th century Italian patriot.
There are more travel posts in Drop Box for Paper City. I think you will like the post on what I love best about Naples. Hope they publish it soon. And, of course, each post comes lots of photos. My camera is always at the ready, in this case, my iPhone. Though I also took my old Canon AE1 along and shot with old fashioned film. I wanted to 'see' what Rome (and Naples, Bologna and Florence) look like in black and white.
Love these images of Arianne in front of the South African artist William Kentridge's 'Triumph and Laments' installation on the walls along the River Tiber. More on that in the Paper City story.