Sunday, June 12, 2016


MMH on a staircase in the Pitti Palace's Boboli Gardens, Florence.
Unprecedented, surely, that Rockbridge Times is not stuffed with posts about our month-long trip to four Italian cities. There is a good reason for that. I've actually written a lot about this trip and there is more to come, but posts will all be published FIRST on Paper City's on-line magazine. The magazine published its first last Wednesday. I've filed several more posts in Drop Box, all ready for Catherine to peruse, headline and pass on to her IT folks. I have yet to write about Bologna and Florence - those missives will be penned during these days of overcoming jet lag right here at home in Houston.
Here is the link to Paper City's first on-line postA Practical Guide to Rome: The Right Way to See (and Stroll) One of the World's Most Beautiful Cities.

Earl waits while Arianne and I have a stairway photo shoot at Palazzo Venezia.

Yesterday, Earl and I flew back to Houston from Florence with a change of planes in Amsterdam. After the taxi dropped us off in front of my house and we lugged the suitcases inside, I fell into a great sleep and then another, and so am up at 4:30 a.m., still in bed, but with laptop on lap. I am absolutely brimming with new ideas that filtered through my head in those moments when one passes from dreaming to waking. Those moments are my most favorite time, as in 'fruitful time'. Wrote pages of new ideas for printing tee shirts with grostesquries. Bought a shew of tee shirts for 'my three girls' in a market in Florence with images of Sophia Loren, Madonna and Frieda and I can see making similar tees with images of PC and MMH and a few other women I've photographed. Another project. As if I needed another.
Another ceiling in the Uffizi galleries. Each one unique. I love them. Painted in the sixteenth century.
Painted ceiling at the Palazzo Pamphilj. Just wondrous and so different from the Uffizi ceilings.
I love them all.

Our trip was wonder-filled.We kept a brisk pace, saw so much every single day, and we are both weary to the bone. Earl and I travel well together. He plans the days and makes arrangements for 'seeing art and important churches and museos'. It appears that I follow along, yet the whole experience is like tracking a musical score. Earl sets the melody - that would be the itinerary and I add variations to the theme - the descant, the second soprano part, the tenor that 'colors the whole section'. We both 'see' what the other sees, and the day becomes rich and varied. I am mixing metaphors here, but perhaps you get the idea?
MMH captured by iPhone posting from a hotel suite in Bologna. Very early morning.
Can you see she just woke up and has not yet had breakfast?

So much more to tell. These two trips to Italy (2013 and now 2016) have been so dense, so layered. There are endless contrasts and comparisons with 'the rest of life'. I will indeed take these days of jet lag to get some of this trip's richness tethered in words.

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