The Best: Esther's Cajun Cafe & Soulfood

 I think about the food at Esther's ALOT. At least, once every day. Esther's steam table has become my default food fantasy, along with Napoli pastries and Roma vongole. I learned about Esther's Cajun Cafe & Soulfood during Houston's Black Restaurant Week promotion. The names of black-owned restaurants were mostly new to me, and I made plans with friends to indulge.
Esther's was the standout. Sara and I ordered the Black Restaurant Week 'Follow Your Fork' dinner, which at Esther's meant a cup of Louisiana style gumbo (divine), followed by freshly fried-just-for-us chicken and cornmeal breaded fried catfish (also divine), three sides, of which our choices were stewed okra or cabbage, sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon, mac and cheese, and  - impossible to choose - desserts. The peach cobbler sated me with three bites. I took the rest home for a night or two of late evening bites.
Esther's food was so good that I returned with Earl on Sunday afternoon. Seems Sunday is Esther's big day. At 2:30 p.m., we stood in line for 25 minutes before choosing the fried catfish dinner - big fillets -  and, yes, another peach cobbler. We got our catfish to go.
Days later, John and I met there for lunch and we ordered fried chicken. We wait while it's prepared especially for us. The crispy chicken comes to the table hotter than hot. The skin is mouthwatering tasty, the chicken meat juicy. And that okra? Better than good.
So, three terrific meals at Esther's in a week. Esther's is my food fantasy.