Monday, March 14, 2016

Peter Pan and Pirate Lucy Kleban

'So come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and your heart wil fly on wings forever in never never land.'

The Green Lake Drama Dragons began rehearsals for Peter Pan last October and continued several times each week until March when stage sets and costumes, newly constructed and sewn, were moved to Lincoln H.S.'s auditoriam stage for final rehearsals. The annual play is a VERY BIG DEAL at Green Lake Elementary School and is directed and produced by Molly Goldman, who writes in the program, "The beauty of putting on a play is we learn to work as a team, relying on each oher to listen and create a wonderful piece of storytelling."
This year 85 students participated, and as a third grader, Lulu had a speaking part. Oh, she, the green-haired pirate with sword, peg leg, and often a bandana over her forehead.A series of four performances began on Friday during the school day and continued through Saturday night. 
Pirate cupcake after the matinee performance.
Molly Goldman oversees Peter Pan and the Darling siblings as they fly away.
They do indeed fly, or hang aloft, suspended by harnesses and cables.
Aloft in the performance. It works!
Caroline and Lulu's fan club - Jessica, Mariah, Molly Moon and her best mom.

Pirate Lulu and Tinker Bell in the lobby after the matinee.

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