Saturday, March 26, 2016

More Photos From Seattle

The plan was to spend a week in Texas with Charlie Bean. This was his trip with Mameau and we filled it with NBA basketball games, a trip to San Antonio to visit the Alamo and Pat and Hall Hammond and good eats at Goode Seafood Co., Goode BBQ and This Is It Soul Food. Then Charlie and I would fly to Seattle in time to see Lulu as a 'pirate with a speaking part' in Peter Pan.
And Peter Pan was only one of the main events in a very busy two weeks. I saw Charlie play basketball and Lauren rock climb and scrimmage with Rat City's Brat Derby. I took walks in the dog park with Kelan, Lauren and their mom. Took walks around Green Lake with Caroline. Enjoyed St Patrick's Day dinner with the Mahers and saw Chris, Heather and Ben. Kudos to Denny for his corn beef and cabbage with all the traditional sides. Busy, busy. And here are the photos to show for it.
Charlie Bean handles the ball.
Caroline planning summer camps for her kids. Ten weeks to fill without daycare. Thank you, Phyllis Schlafly.
Rock climber Lauren. Fearless.
Lauren on a photo shoot.
Jeanne coaches the Rat Lab girls. Every Friday evening. 
Nailer Swift with turquoise pants and pink laces on her skates.
Lauren, aka Nailer Swift.
Charlie Bean at the Wallingford taco truck on the way to pick us his Chrome Lade framed poster.
Charlie and his mom are so happy he is home after his Texas travels.
Kelan oversees Bailey at the Green Lake dog park.
Jeanne and Bailey at the dog park.
Screen time for the McGrady's siblings.
Jeanne McGrady, a Hansen woman.
Lulu has green hair. Gorgeous.

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