McGrady's @ Penn Cove Mussel Fest

Recounting passing days in pictures is a quick way to document my doings with family and friends and I am becoming habituated to Instagram. So much easier than writing blog posts. And there is often iimmediate gratification with 'likes' and perhaps the addition of another follower. Hurray for Rockbridge Days on Instagram.
It's 9:00 p.m. on Sunday evening and Lauren and Kelan have been swept off to their beds, and before I collapse from a very busy weekend, I will begin to 'recount my week in pictures'. I've been at the McGrady's for a week and today, Dan drove us all to the ferry for a trip to Whidbey Island and the Penn Cove MusselFest. Poured rain the entire way, and then the wind kicked up and it was cold too. But nothing deterred us from Penn Cove mussels, small and very tasty.
And the mussels were very, very good. We ate them in a variety of chowders and in a paela and poached in a green coconut curry sauce. And throughout, Bailey followed along - except when we went into a sit down restaurant and Bailey was jettisoned to his portable bed in the car. Kids were great. All were focused on the next batch of mussels and how would they taste.
And then there was the trip back home and a wait for the ferry along the highway and then in six lane lines. And the rough water and the great wind as we crossed back to the mainland. I stayed outside with the parked cars so I could see and feel and hear the water. Magnificent.
Looking back toward Whidbey Island and dark skies.
Heading toward Seattle and often blue skies with big wind.
No quick settling in at home. Bailey needed a run, Kelan needed a shower, Jeanne rushed to Ballard Market, Dan cleaned the kitchen. I contributed nothing to these activities. Except to notice a rainbow out the living room window. Everyone is in bed now and I need to write about Pirate Lulu in the production of Green Lake Elementary School's Peter Pan and then pack my bags so I can quickly load them into the trunk of my rental car in the morning. At 8:40ish a.m., I will meet Caroline at Green Lake for a big walk and then settle in, once again, at the Klebans for another busy family week.