Monday, March 14, 2016

Denny's Corn Beef and Cabbage

It's tradition in the Maher household that St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with a meal of corn beef and boiled cabbage, carrots and potatoes, with dark rye bread, horseradish, pickles and sauerkraut. And a good dark ale. So it was on Saturday evening when Kate invited me over for dinner and a visit with Chris, Heather and sweet Ben. 
I took Lauren McGrady with me and we had a very good time. Lauren pronounced the evening awesome. She and Chris hit is off and she had him downloading a game that they played together as we all visited. And then there were Kate's brownies covered with green frosting that Lauren likened to shaving cream - and ate with pleasure with Trader Joe's ice cream. I over indulged. 
Kate looks great - new hair style and perhaps more and more like mom every year. We both look more and more like mom every year, but in different ways.
So, all of this Irish tradition came hours after the Peter Pan matinee. Just a regular day in Seattle. Lots of family. Lots of goings-on.

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