Saturday, February 27, 2016

Charlie Bean's Texas Trip, Part I

 We've lived half of the first big day of Charlie Bean's trip to Texas and he's resting up for our big night at Toyota Center the Rockets vs Spurs game. And John got us four amazing seats at center court, second row.  Hurray!  Note I am carrying a white binder labeled Charlie Bean & Mameau, has all of our reservations and maps and plans for the week. I am organized for this hegira of ours.
This morning, we were up far too early for a Saturday and were off after Cherrios for breakfast to Earl's studio parking lot where we left our car and rode MetroRail downtown to within a block of where we stood/sat to watch the annual Rodeo Parade. I'd not seen the parade in 40 years so it was fun to take my eldest grandchild. I always tear up when the bands pass - Texas A&M, University of Houston, Westbury and other H.S. bands.  I always love the military precision of A&M and the diversity of UH and area high schools, music a unifying force. And loved seeing thousands of runners pass by before the parade, all ages and sizes.
In fact, I love Houston's diversity, the folks watching the parade and the travelers on MetroRail were of many ethnicities, spoke many languages. I wouldn't trade the experience of living in this city.
Yesterday, I got a security pass to go straight to gate C37 to meet Charlie. He was excited and happy when he arrived and asked about BBQ immediately. I said we were on our way.
Met John at Goode Co. BBQ on Kirby. Big hugs, and we all went inside this iconic place and stood in line to order plates of ribs with two sides and jalapeno bread. I think Charlie was mesmerized by the guys slicing briskets and ribs. He'd arrived in Texas.
We are having a quiet afternoon, resting up for this evening's basketball game. Hence, the blog post.
So happy Charlie is here in Texas. His mama misses him already and he may miss her too. But life is good, especially with pro basketball at 7:00 p.m.

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