Monday, February 29, 2016

Charlie Bean Visits Lots of Family

It's after 9:00 this morning and Charlie is still sound asleep. We had another really big day yesterday, filled with family. Think it was all too stimulating? Or I don't know bedtime habits and let him listen to music with his headphones far too late? Must consult his mother. He was also warm and stripped off his shirt so I turned the fan on high. When he wakes up, we are headed for Carrie Made the Cake to see her cake kitchen and watch her frost cupcakes. Maybe we'll even be gifted with one of her cake tops?
After Carrie Made the Cake, we are off to the University of Houston campus for a visit to the Alumni Center to see the Athletic Hall of Fame exhibit and take a walk through the quad. Of course, very early thismorning I printed out Hall of Fame recipients and other UH info for Charlie to peruse if he chooses. 60% chance of rain today, so I hope we get started soon. Sun is out and air is balmy.
Back to yesterday, a day filled with family. Earl, Charlie and I were off for a visit with Tavo. These two boys took a liking to one another several years ago. Both big game players and they hit it off. We drove to the Clear Lake area on old Highway 3, that original highway between Houston and Galveston that begins in old Harrisburg near the Port of Houston bridge, all of which gave Charlie's Mameau an opportunity for a Texas history lesson. We drove through Harrisburg, such as it remains today and I told him the story of this first capital of the Republic of Texas in 1836. We drove to Brady's Landing and stood on the overlook to see the port and a refinery just past the bridge. Also pointed out the confluence of Brays and Buffalo Bayou, but I don't think much sank in.
"Do I really have to give a report when I get back to school?" Charlie asked.
No, I don't think so, but they sure asked me for the eductional merits of his week off from school. I am complying with Texas history and a trip to the Alamo.
Lunch at Carraba's. It sure does fill up with families at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. Charlie ordered grilled shrimp and scallops. He is staying with seafood. His favorite. A great quantity of bread and Dr. Pepper precluded his eating all the seafood on his plate, so we brought home a container. It was eaten later in the day, except for two shrimp which became a snack for Mameau. Charlie and Tavo played video games happily for a couple of hours and hope they had a visit with words, i.e. conversation, too.
At 4:00 we were in the Heights visiting the other side of the family. That would be Carrie and Rob with Rosemary and Dallas. Rosemary took an immediate shine to her boy cousin Charlie and was coy and high energy, all for his benefit.  He dribbled a basketball for her and coached her on T-ball. I think they were both enchanted - or at least took to each other.
The day was not over. After 5:00 we left for home and Charlie helped me cook what I hope become his signature meatball and curry gravy dinner. We began 'cooking-supper' lessons over Christmas in Seattle and he rose to the occasion last evening. Family supper with John and Trish.
Well, good morning! Charlie is awake and we will get started on a UH Houston day. Love this boy.

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