Sunday, January 03, 2016

A Wallk or No Walk? A TV or No TV? These are the questions of the hour.

Happy new year! It's Sunday, January 3 and we have the kitchen door open because it's a balmy afternoon out there. Just walked 8,413 steps on Idylwood sidewalks, a boring sort of walk. I've been bored walking in Idylwood for a long time. A year ago, I walked everyday for strong bones and for a lower pre-diabetes blood count. Even with those two incentives, I laid off for the hot summer months. Have my hip bones gone to rack and ruin? Actually, I am apprehensive about my next bone scan. Perhaps if I walk diligently until warm weather arrives and then have the scan, the news will be decent?
The Seattle holidays with daily walks around Green Lake and in Phinney and Wallingford made 10,000 steps easy. Give me Seattle, Rome, Oaxaca or perhaps even another part of Houston. Enough about walking.
Green Lake in late afternoon light.
Scattering ducks on Green Lake.
Just realized the the sixth season of Downton Abbey begins on PBS this evening and I do not have a television set. We've quickly looked at Conn's and Costco's websites, but they stock no 'tiny' unobtrusive televisions in their stores. We checked Amazon for small televisions. Most are so ugly, I wouldn't have them. Who designs the bases of these things? There is one simple screen without a little raised little priced just under $100. I intend to order it and next Sunday at 6:30, we can see the replay of Episode 1 and then move on to Episode 2. The television will fit on the kitchen shelf where a Staley dot painting now covers two handsome ceramic pitchers I bought in Austin with Judy and Martha. I am hoping we can hold the thing on a big pillow in bed too, like we do our laptops.
A plethora of items on these shelves. Will the television fit?
Occurred to me that I do like my house and garden because there are so many interesting objects to photograph in so many different lights. I've missed 'seeing' and 'looking' in my house and garden. It is never boring. Always calms the soul to photograph and edit same.
Happy new year.
My kitchen wall. Chinese poster from Sally's and my trip there in 1979. Assorted odd plates.
Kitchen table top.
Bed. Home.
Let me back track a bit. There were sweet details in Seattle too - they are just not as plentiful as in my homemade/handmade environment.
Lauren's most excellent dress.
Lulu's carefully crafted gingerbread house.
Caroline's handmade and designed shower curtain. I love it
Decorated Christmas cookies, the work of four grandchildren.
Charlie Bean at Pike Place Market, 4:30 p.m. and already dark.
Very short days in Seattle.

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