Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend of Conversations in Memory and Pictures

For one year and two weeks, Finding Our Way, with its accompanying weekend of public conversations, took over my life. Then, so suddenly, this phase of the project slipped into the past. For a year, ideas grew like a garden. TO DO lists expanded with items waiting to be checked 'done'.
Patsy and I were both committed to showing our 35 year old photos, and each of us felt the need for context, though we had different ideas about how it might all unfold. Well, it just unfolded. The public conversations ended on Sunday afternoon with a grand finale of a panel that exceeded my expectations. Wondrous women on that panel, wondrous woman as moderator and a wondrous audience eager to interact and get their 'two-cents' in.
The house is quiet, the cat ever present, leaning on my laptop. Door is open on to the back garden and there are train sounds in the distance. My girls have all flown back to the Pacific Northwest.
Did the conversations even transpire? They did, indeed. There are photographs to prove it.
Patsy's and my conversation with Akasha Hull on Saturday morning.
Gloria Feldt shares insights on women and power.
Happy to see long-time friends. 
Announcements and introductions.
Wonderful panelists for Women Made Visible/Invisible
Many more photos of these two days of conversations. And more to come when Laurie Perez has edited hers.
Rosemary Hennessy and Akasha Hull in conversation one-on-one.
Susan Lurie and Kem Kemp share a conversation.
MMH and PC.
Bettie Cartwright makes a good point.
MMH introduces George Krause.
Sarah Sudhoff and Nan Hall Linke speak about photography and life transitions.
A very fine audience.
Hurray for Moon Rooster, food truck of the hour.
Lunch time on Silver Street Studiios deck.

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