Finding Our Way Opens One Year and A Day After Lunch at Costa Brava

One year and a day ago, Patsy and I talk over a fine lunch at Costa Brava and decided we wanted to show the photographs we took of one another thirty-five years ago. The idea floated over the table as we ate very good food - we even had crepes for dessert - and we talked about calling George Krause. Might he speak about nude photography and give context to our work?
Less than a week later, I met Catherine Anspon at Earl's opening at Zoya Tommy's Gallery and she invited me to become part of a show she was curating for FotoFest and Houston Center for Photography. I said yes and told her about my conversation with Patsy and this trove of never-before-shown photographs. Catherine was intrigued and 'the rest is history.' Or rather, it  begins this evening with the opening reception for 'This Side of Paradise', the group show of which we are a part.
Closely following - and integral to our photographs - is our weekend of public conversations at Winter Street on October 17 and 18. And yes, George Krause will be among the speakers. The entire line-up of speakers and panelists blows me away. I can hardly wait.
There is truly nothing like seeing/feeling/turning an idea over in one's mind and then working steadily toward making it real. Brings out all those creative and tenacious traits.
A year and one day after a conversation over lunch, Finding Our Way opens at Silver Street Studios. See you there.