Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Control vs Liletta

Once again, I've had it. This morning I read an on-line article by Kali Holloway for Alternet on the story of Liletta, a new IUD that works for up to three years, is inexpensive, effective and safe. What's not to like? Well, plenty apparently. Simply because it works so well.
The story of Liletta recounts just how opposed to women's rights some folks are. Liletta is a new IUD funded by the Susan Thomas Buffet Foundation. It was used in a program for teen age girls in Colorado and by heaven, unwanted teen pregnancies and abortions were reduced by 43%. Incredible drops. The Colorado governor said that the project saved the state "$42.5 million in public funds in 2010 alone."
A big success - right? Wrong. After the Buffet money ran out in Colorado, the Department of Public Health and Environment requested funds to keep this success story on track. Conservatives in the legislature said NO. Just stop having sex. Don't spend state funds to help young women become sexually responsible. If you get pregnant, well, we told you not to have sex. Your choice, your problem. No applause for reducing abortion rates.
What's going on here? I'd say that the ultra-conservative goal is for women to return to 'barefoot and pregnant' mode. This 'war on women' is not about outlawing abortion and saving babies. Surely, we all know that by now, don't we? The end-game is much bigger.
What is really going on is a fight to the death over the right of women to control their own bodies. It is a fight to regain control of women, put them back in their place. A few decades ago, the pill and Roe vs Wade changed everything. For the first time in history, women in the United States and most Western nations could make choices, give order to their lives, grow families on their own timeline. Legally.
In these United States, Planned Parenthood provided reproductive health services and both sides of the aisle supported their efforts. It was a no-brainer, until it wasn't. Threatened men and folks who do not like women making their own life decisions ramped up the fight of our life-time.
The story of Liletta in Colorado is a perfect example demonstrating that all this fuss is not about abortion or contraception or saving unborn babies. No, it's truly about going back to the days when anatomy was destiny and men were in charge. Think control and power over half the human race. Please see it for what it is and take action. Support women's rights and make a better world for us all. 

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