Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blog Posts Don't Necessarily Document the Big Stuff

Last night after Earl and I returned from the opening reception for Finding Our Way and dinner with Patsy and her sons Joe and Peter and our long time friend Barbara Friedman, I lay in bed thinking about the evening and thumbing through the printed book version of Rockbridge Times 2014. I was looking for a post or posts in which I might have written about the beginnings of Finding Our Way. One post, dated September 24, mentioned 'new ideas brewing.' I wrote that I was dreaming ideas, but that they had not yet become thoughts with words. They had no form.
"Something new is germinating in my head. I sense that soon, the 'new' will burst from the ground this is myself, out into the open where I can take a look at 'it'."
And then there are no blog posts for three weeks, during which time, something really big did emerge, but not at all what I'd expected. During those blog-silent three weeks, Finding Our Way became the 'something new that burst into the open'.  I believe the universe was nudging the thing along. Just days after our lunch conversation at Costa Brava about this trove of never-shown photographs, Patsy and I were suddenly part of a group exhibition now on view at Silver Street Studios. Thank you, Catherine Anspon.

During those three weeks when NO blog posts were published on Rockbridge Times, my world turned in a very specific direction and the only record of those weeks are in school composition wide-ruled notebooks. Not until January did I begin to write about Finding Our Way in a new blog:
So, there is little blog documentation of those first weeks, during which I drafted a concept paper and thought about ways to fund this new project. But I know from the spareness of posts that I was very busy indeed. All my energy was going into giving voice and form to the ways in which these 35 year old photographs could be molded into a show and as our newest press release states 'serve as catalyst for conversations on women and the use of photography for self-discovery.'
My point is to say that silence on a blog can mean that BIG things are happening and that the story is all in word docs and notebooks.

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