Saturday, October 31, 2015

Big Rains Move In On Houston

Yesterday, I read postings on Facebook from folks who live in San Marcos and Austin. Bad flooding. In the middle of the night, the rains moved eastward to Houston. The iPhone flood alert sounded its alarm three times as I slept. I heard it, but didn't stir. Way too sleep hungry to look out the window, ascertain the situation on Rockbridge. 
This morning, the ravine is partially flooded. However, I am more worried about the water on the flagstones between the house and my screen porch. It appears that the flagstones are lower than the garden and I see the possibility of water entering the porch. Then there is just an inch or two between the porch's concrete slab and the glass doors of my studio. 
I moved a lot of piles from the studio floor to table and counter tops. Studio is way too full, but I saw so many things that I want to look at again, ponder how to use. I need a storage unit. What's new?
If the rain comes and goes, starts and stops, we will be OK.

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