Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Results Of Early Morning Energy

This morning I have high good energy. Lots of it. Luck of the draw and the good fortune of having a solid night's sleep? ES says I act as if I am on steroids. My high good energy is as yet unencumbered with breakfast food responses in my digestive system.
Most mornings, I wake up with decent energy, always consumed with a parade of free floating ideas that need to be tethered with words. They come out of no where, come on the tails of dreams. I relish these free floaters. Early morning can be perfectly wonderful because of this flow and I put pencil in hand to capture as much as I can. And so it was this morning. I covered several notebook pages with a script for 'Finding Our Way's first promotional video. Making short videos of me talking about 'Finding Our Way' was a Caroline-suggestion.  "Make short videos that get folks as excited about this as you are," she told me during our last phone conversation.
Next week, I expect that she will use her iPhone to help me make several such videos and she will upload them on You Tube with links to the project's Facebook page and its Twitter and Instagram accounts. All in the service of building our audience for the public discussions on Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18. I love her idea and obviously, it settled in my brain because the first script manifested early this morning.

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