Happy Birthday John

Yesterday was my brother John's 70th birthday. He and I are reaching grand old ages and our sister Kate is not far behind.
John and I look a bit like American Gothic.
John celebrated his birthday at Carrie and Robbie's new house in the Heights with people who love him - family, long time friends and business folks. It was a very happy birthday noisy party. With terrific tamales and pulled pork sliders and fried green tomatoes and that sweet, sweet mac and cheese.
And there was that continuous loop slide show with dozens of photos taken over 70 years of a big life and all its doings and comings and goings with all those people John loves and who love him.
Thanks to Carrie and Tanner for making it all happen.
Sweet Cad Willeford and John
Paula and John Cutler enjoy a moment with ?
And this woman is in charge of John's office?
Trish and Dorothy Churchill
A moment.
Corn chips discovered.
John, on the screen and in person.
Robbie's mom Ingrid.
John Wade exclaiming, no doubt.
Two terrific daughters, Carrie and Tanner T
Kathy Elsberry, like no other.
And then there was that sweet, sweet mac and cheese. Greg thinks so too.
Dottie Jo and John