Sunday, July 19, 2015

Back to Summer Camp

Days and weeks pass, and I do not write blog posts because so much is happening. I am very busy and too tired to capture some of my days in writing. Caroline and Jeanne and their daughters - my grand daughters, Lulu and Lauren, went off to camp in Tennessee a week ago. This childhood camp beckoned with good memories and Lulu and Lauren could attend without cost, if both my daughters work as senior staff. Caroline is cooking in the kitchen and running part of the afternoon crafts program. Jeanne is in charge of woodshed and coaching/teaching badminton.
Caroline and Jane Bailey at camp in the early 1980s.
I hope that the good memories they have of camp carry them through these weeks in a country paradise. It surely will be different with two young daughters in tow. All campers and staff are totally out of contact. No iPhones, no email, no screen time. That part is probably good in this day and age. They can sink back into the 1980s when we relied on the US postal system. I've been writing almost daily missives to each of my grand daughters and sure hope I hear from them soon. I think it's camper duty to write home on Sundays. Maybe I will hear from all four?
Mary B, Caroline, Evie and Jeanne at camp, early 1980s.

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