Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stunning Week and Revival of Hope

This was a week when so much was made right, when truth was told, when social justice and the common good became once more important. On this Saturday morning, as I put a rainbow over my Facebook profile picture, I suddenly felt in my bones how hard it's been for me to live day to day when the ideals and values in which I believe are relentlessly pilloried. If I feel weighted down from the barrage of mean spiritedness abroad in this land, then imagine the weight of mean spiritedness felt by those who are specifically targeted, day after day after day?
When news of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the intent of the Affordable Care Act flashed across my laptop screen, I burst into tears. I got up from the table and paced around my house, sobbing. My tears were about more than the ACA decision.  My tears fell because one of this country's most important institutions did the right thing for the citizenry. THEY DID THE RIGHT THING. The majority of the Court saw the intent of the law, validated it, and now millions of Americans will continue to have health insurance. How many times have we seen the Supreme Court and our Congress and state legislatures say no, no and no to everyday men and women and children? Rebuild infrastructure? NO. Declare a living wage for full time workers? NO. Support the law of the land on women's reproductive rights? NO.
And then on Thursday, another surprise. The Supreme Court declared, "It is so ordered."
Same sex marriage is now legal in the USA. In all 50 states. More tears as I saw a photo of my daughter-in-law celebrating with a friend in front of the Supreme Court.
Queta celebrates in  WDC. Hurray!
Diane B, Mayor Parker and Karen N. celebrate at Discovery Green.

If that were not enough, on Friday, President Obama gave a eulogy at State Senator Pinkney's memorial service, perhaps the best speech of his presidency. He spoke as a black president. Our black president. He spoke the truth about guns and violence, racism and slavery and the Confederate flag. He spoke about the gift of God's grace and then, he reframed the horrific shooting of Clementa Pinckney and his parishioners. Our president said the alleged shooter didn't realize that he'd become an instrument of God's grace, that his violent actions would galvanize Americans to reconsider the history of racism that we share, and ignore. Indeed.
President Obama, you spoke the truth with passion and then YOU SANG 'Amazing Grace' with your heart wide open for all to see. Thank you for giving voice to the best in us. May we rise to this occasion.
This week was a very good week. It was also my 73d birthday week and the beginning of summer. The stars are surely well aligned. Once again, I have hope, I am thankful.
May the good decisions made by the Supreme Court and the passion of President Obama's eulogy of truth give us the burst of energy we need to push on in our fight to restore women's lawful rights, now being undermined and tossed aside with seeming impunity in state after state. There is yet more work to be done.

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