Monday, June 08, 2015

Please LIKE 'Finding Our Way' on Facebook, and remembering Aggie

New post on 'Finding Our Way' - click on this link to go there. These days, I am writing more on that blog instead of Rockbridge Times. Also posting on the new 'Finding Our Way' FaceBook page. Here's a link to the FaceBook page. Please take a look and click LIKE.  I launched this page very early last Friday morning by clicking on Friend's names. We had over 100 LIKES the first day. And morenow. It's benn easy and fun to post on this page.
And wonder of wonders, one of Aggie Eyster's Second Seating tables is now in my living room. Her son John brought it over from San Anotnio and delivered it last Saturday morning with his two daughters. I'd not seen them since Richard's wedding. They've grown.
He and the girls wandered about the house and we talked about all the paintings and photographs on the walls, the collages, the books in the library, the 'stuff' all over every surface. We walked down into the ravine. Then we looked at the studio, littered with photographs. John saw the plastic tubs of fabrics on my shelves, laughed and showed me a picture of Aggie's screen porch, where he said there are 27+ tubs of Aggie's lifetime collection of fabrics.
Would I like some, he asked. Indeed I would. The key word here is 'like', not 'need'.  I do not need any fabrics. But I would 'love' to have some of Aggie's collection.
John emailed me later in the day to say that his girls 'liked the vibe in my house' and that it felt similar to Aggie's house. What a nice thing to say. Our houses are very different, but yes, there is a very visual element to both. They are their own worlds.
John said he'd contact his brother Richard about Aggie's fabric and see if we can arrange a time for a drive to San Antonio to see exactly what is in those 27+ tubs. I AM EXCITED.

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