Magic in Community and Performance

Early this morning I read an email from my eldest daughter Caroline:

"I SO wish you could have been at one of the three performances of Charlotte's Web. They were wonderful beyond words. There were 81 kids involved, as many parents, and it was an amazing production. 
"I'm going to have to be even more involved next year. It takes me back to Lamar and Brown and Camp. Everyone coming together to create something that wasn't there before. It's magical. 
"This link is to the song at the end of the first act with the full company. Lulu is on the far left. (Charlie, as backstage crew, is off camera.)"
"And below are my baby spider costumes. Lulu is first out. 😉
"Me and the kids have had a great time. They will remember it forever. 
This was Caroline's message and I was at once overcome with thoughts about my three daughters and their families and how much I would like to be in the Pacific Northwest right now, instead of working away on October's photo installation, a project which has consumed me since November. I am wondering about the trade-offs one makes after a decision to engage in a huge project. Of course, I want it all: substantive creative projects, family time and afternoons on my screen porch.
Since Dad's death, I've not travelled as often to Seattle and life here in Houston is jam packed. I wish I'd seen 'Charlotte's Web' and I'd like to see Lauren skate and I'd like to hug my two grandsons who will be in middle school next fall - imagine! - and I want to share long meandering conversations with the three wonderful women who are my daughters.
Love to all of you. You are much in my thoughts.