Saturday, April 04, 2015

Making Space In My Studio For 'Finding My Way'

Yesterday, I began to reorganize my studio. Must be done. Must have clear space to begin work on collages for Patsy's and my new installation 'Finding Our Way'.  I spent one 'working' afternoon in my studio this week and confirmed that all is entirely overrun with piles. New additions are boxes of personal possessions brought from that storage room at Sonny's. More than six years ago, he generously offered me an empty room in his building to store 'stuff'. Now he's sold the building and my cache of stuff has to go. Thus, the production of last Saturday's Bizarre Bazaar, and Tuesday's pick-up of Bazaar remains by St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. Thus, the arrival of boxes of random and precious (to me) items that threaten the very purpose of a studio.
I made headway yesterday. Inventoried frames of all sorts. Amazing, I counted 52 that could be used for 'something', some with glass, some already filled with collages, all available for 'Finding Our Way'. I moved plastic storage boxes, so floor space is larger, put a few more boxes on shelves, need to sweep the floor. This morning I'll dust/wash my green work table. I'll make more work space near the scanner by regrouping stacks of contact sheets and negatives. And yes, things are being thrown out, thank heaven.

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