Goodbye Oaxaca, Back to Real Life

Goodbye to Oaxaca and this slew of posts. Goodbye to the wonder of seeing the women who make baskets, actually engrossed in making baskets, right there in the Benito Juarez Market.
Goodbye to weird electrical connections all over the city, including the single well used plug in our hotel bedroom, complete with its extension cord that wended its way across the tile floor.
Goodbye to Mexican breakfasts and mole tamales wrapped and steamed in banana leaves.
Goodbye to odd juxtapositions of objects, for which I am always on the look out.
Goodbye to Oaxaca. Earl and I had a fine 'spring break'. And now, on this late Sunday afternoon, I am listening to doves and am planning to serve supper on the screen porch. Monday morning is almost upon us. It doesn't take long to return to 'real time', to fill the page of a yellow pad with a 'to do' list and to feel the gnawing of both little and big worries. I've already had to ask myself, "What is the worst that can happen?" and most of the time, the worst is not so bad. I can figure it all out, map a course of action and begin to see good outcomes. Most of the time, I simply have to ask. Ask.
AND, good things are happening and call for recognition, if not outright celebration. While in Oaxaca, I received an email from Houston Arts Alliance. My individual artist grant proposal was accepted and so I have $10,000 as starter money for 'Finding Our Way', that photographic installation that I stopped thinking about for seven days. This news is terrific. The grant gives the project credibility and lets other potential funders know they are in good company. Let the fund raising begin.
On March 28, I'll have a Bizarre Bazaar at Sonny's building, where I've stored much of Second Seating remnants and a roomful of overflow personal belongings. It's all got to gone by April 1 when he turns the building over to its new owners. This evening, the first announcement of this Bazaar will go on FaceBook. Emails will be sent to folks who may remember the one thing they remember from Second Seating they suddenly cannot live without. At the end of the day on March 28, the remains will be packed up for Good Will.
So, you know what I will be doing for two weeks. Sorting and arranging enticing tableaus and sending out scads of emails with intriguing photos.
I'll also be writing a second grant proposal due at month's end. And updating all the folks who are already engaged in moving 'Finding Our Way' forward. Back to real time. Goodbye Oaxaca.
Leaving Oaxaca. High above the city on the mountaintop, you can see Monte Alban.
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