Monday, March 23, 2015

Back From Oaxaca, 'Finding Our Way' Takes Over

Last evening, Earl and I looked at hundreds of iPhone photos I took during our week in Oaxaca. How did an iPhone become a primary camera for this photographer? It was my camera of choice for Paris and Rome too. It doesn't zoom well at all, forget that, but an iPhone is unobtrusive and works really well in low light. Mute the click of the shutter and a photographer is practically invisible, except to alert guards in family palazzos in Venice, Naples and yes, in Rome too. I still think about photos not taken while in Italy. No such difficulties in Oaxaca.
A perfect picture of a guide and his charges on the mountain top at Monte Alban.
Someone was here on the steps of this pyramid. The man and his guide confer.
Earl poses against three petite clouds. Monte Alban is on the mountain top across the way.
We've been back in Houston for a week and so, what fun it was to focus on that small screen and see again, the places we visited, all that color, the strangely different churches, street crowds and the profusion of food and handicrafts in public markets. Obviously, a picture book is in order.
Patsy took this photo of me in 1982 along a stretch of Buffalo Bayou.
However, my days are occupied with 'Finding Our Way'. Yes, hurray, I got an individual artist grant for $10,000 from Houston Arts Alliance. Got the word in an email while we were in Oaxaca. Very good news as this particular grant will help so much in raising additional money. I retotaled the estimated budget for this project yesterday and it hovers at $40,000. This week I am writing another grant proposal for $5000 and have reread the specifics of setting up an Indiegogo fund raising campaign. We will go live with that campaign in May.
This image will be life size and will open the exhibition. Viewers can follow Patsy into the installation.
So often when an artist puts together a show, more time goes into raising funds than into making the work. That was true of 'Second Seating' and it is the same for 'Finding Our Way'. However, ideas for the work are ever floating in my head, so it is not as if I were not 'working' on components of the installation itself, though sooner or later, I need to get into the studio and make those collages and Patsy and I must cut images from those copies of contact sheets and put them into groupings. And then with other's eyes, edit most of them out.
It is very early on Monday morning and I've made my list for the day and this blog post was not one of the items. Will conclude. After a barrage of phone calls, I must get over to Sonny's because there is still lots to do for Saturday's Bizarre Bazaar - that sale that will empty the out the remains of 'Second Seating' and the troves of odd and wonderful belongings that I've collected since Shadowlawn days. So much stuff as you can see from these photos.
Every other day, I add photos on Facebook of the wonderful things that need new homes, that I am sending out to the universe. On Saturday, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. And that would be at 1710 Telephone Road off I-45. If you cross RR tracks you've gone a bit too far. The parking lot and the door to unnumbered treasures lies just before the tracks.
MM, stop blogging and get on with your day.

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