Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This Week So Far on Rockbridge

It's way early Wednesday morning. Up at 5:00 a.m. It used to bother me that I'd wake so early, but my sleep doctor assured me last week that the memory stick in my sleep apnea machine is tallying rest, often seven hours a night. I turned out the light at 10:00 last evening, so awaking at 5:00 is not so bad, it's seven hours. I can live on that.
Who watched the Oscars last Sunday night? TV was on, but I muted the sound throughout in order to watch numerous episodes of Amazon's 'Bosch' which is interminable but I kind of like the character. Does he remind me of someone? I overlook his girlfriend, who is a bumbler and sort of stupid and needy. Then, of course, we missed this week's Downton Abbey - so I picked that up at 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning on my iPhone. BTW, iPhone is terrific for viewing. I am so much more aware of camera angles and the richness of the set on an iPhone. May be the best way for me to watch?
So back to the Oscars. I think what I liked best would a few candid photos from Huffington Post as even this year's DRESSES did not impress.
Julianne Moore ready to smooch Emma Stone, who wore the most terrific dresses of the evening.
Love this photo of Patricia Arquette. She is so real looking and a bit of a mess.
Emma Stone again at a pre-Oscar event. Love the demure white batiste inset. Makes the dress.
Worked all day Monday and Tuesday on a Creative Capital grant proposal. A long shot, especially as I don't write in 'grantese'. Simply don't know the terminology. However, the project is a good one. It's for a book with the working title of '1981' based on journals and calendars and jottings in spiral notebooks and on yellow legal pads. It was the year that Patsy and I began to take those photographs, the year we took the kids to London and Paris, the year I was about to be PTA president at Lanier and the year I saw my psychiatrist twice a week. Hope to couple the text with images we took on those photo expeditions. More and more I notice that the images do indeed reflect what was going on every day. I suspect when text is put next to a photograph, there will seem to be a disconnect. But not so, I am finding. May the book idea make their first cut.
Mary and Q fly in to Houston tomorrow and the weekend. I am thrilled and anticipate days of conversation. Won't matter if the weather is just like it is in Portland. Sun and warmth would be nice, but we'll have that anyway, just from continuous visiting. Went to Rice U's farmer's market yesterday and bought arugula and baby spinach. Splurged on jars of guava jam and lemon curd.I predict gluten free French toast slathered with this stuff. On to Whole Foods for pork tenderloins and chicken thighs for Mary and Q. And then to John and Trish's for supper and a visit.
Must now make ready for the Splendid Stuff: Second Seating Sale. Sonny's sold his building and yes, all that splendid stuff I store there has to go. Will begin to promote this mid-March Saturday sale shortly - lots of emails to the Second Seating DB and friends. It must all GO.
BTW, came across a memory stick with family photos from 2006. Mom and Dad just moved in at Merrill Gardens, Christmas dinner back at Arapahoe, Caroline pregnant with Lulu. Life is full.

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