Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Collaboration on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Earl and I sat at opposite ends of the dining room table, he watering coloring, and I selecting some of his many water colors to use in collages. I have a basket of photo test strips and I've always found them wonderful material with which to work. A great burst of creativity produced several dozen collages which, in the late evening, I put into a Simple Prints book.
Simple Prints, BTW, is a free iPhone app for book making. I've made a dozen books since I found this app in December, in an ad on FaceBook of all places.
And all of these collages have not been glued together. They were assembled to be photographed and then all but two or three of these collages were 'kept'.  At the end of the day, Earl's watercolors and my test strips were all stowed away for another day.
The next step is to add text and then use the collages with narrative/stories in book form. I am getting closer to what I see in my head.

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