Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After Christmas

Christmas Day sunset on Green Lake, Seattle.
It's very early on the day after Christmas, a quiet time before the busyness of the day begins. I've been awake for an hour, writing page after page of ideas for the new photo installation for FotoFest 2015. Ideas often surge in the early morning right after sleep.
MMH, doing what she does, Christmas Day in Seattle on Green Lake.
These gifts simply appear and I become a conduit between 'somewhere out there' and the pen and paper in my hands. I transcribe quickly without deliberations, because the ideas tumble, one over another and another. And, so it has been this morning. Universe, or whatever the source of ideas this morning, I am grateful and really pleased with the trove that passed through my head in early morning on Bonnie Boxing Day.
Mary B @ Green Lake for Christmas Day sunset.
Bonnie Boxing Day will be very, very busy. And this will be the first year that Dad will not be there and the first year in which I am the oldest member of our family. I find this earthshaking, Dad, if you can hear me where ever you and Mom are now.
Family brunch at Jeanne's at noon. Mary will pick me up at 9:30 and I'll spend the morning watching over the steaming of Mom's Christmas pudding and putting the ingredients of her foamy yellow sauce in her copper double boiler. We always steam Mom's pudding in the tall pot that she used for boiling Kate's milk bottles in Aruba, way back in the day in Aruba. Perfect pot for steaming pudding. This will be the final year for this particular pudding. We'll save a serving to dump into the 'new'pudding to be assembled next summer. By adding in the old, the pudding will carry-on as the one we've been eating for decades. Here's the video Mary B made of the making of the last pudding, made the year that Mom broke her hip. I remember taking the pudding down to Virginia Mason to her physical therapy group so she could tell the story of the pudding and each person could make a wish and stir the pudding. There are a lot of wishes in this pudding we'll eat today.
Late on Christmas afternoon as the sun was setting on a glorious blue sky afternoon, Mary B drove me back to Caroline's. We'd walked in Discovery Park with Caroline and Charlie Bean and then picked up the pudding, the pot and the double boiler from Kate's.
As we drove, we saw the sun setting over Green Lake and Mary said, "We've got to stop and watch this." What a  Monet-like sunset! Perfectly beautiful. A Christmas gift, for sure. Back on Sunnyside, all the Klebans were very tired and we all tucked in early. But not before clearing the living room of torn wrapping paper, ribbons and Amazon packing boxes.
Thanks to my family for a frenetic, loved-filled Christmas Day. Bonnie Boxing Day to all.

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