Saturday, November 01, 2014

Picture Post

It's all about the pictures. When isn't it, really? So here's a picture post. The cosmos are blooming in profusion, both in my garden and in Sally's. Sure sign that fall is here. I love the energy of these six foot tall plants that often keel over in their blooming enthusiasm. Yes, we've pounded in stakes so they all remain upright.
Yesterday was Halloween and our neighborhood was overcome with celebration. Actually, my neighborhood has been preparing for Halloween for weeks. I've never seen so many yard decorations. Consumer instincts have overrun yet another holiday.
Last evening, our streets were jammed with vans and pickup trucks, all following their families up one block and down another.
We got to say 'Happy Halloween' to at least two hundred sweet kids before we ran out of candy. Most were dressed in costumes that Earl easily identified - called them all by name.  I am not so good with cartoon and movie characters. Except for Spider Man. Not a single Wonder Woman passed by. Why was that?
Long ago, Jeanne Bear wore a Wonder Woman costume I made. It was so cold that Halloween that we bundled her in a big blue blanket as we set out for Trick or Treat. I see on FaceBook that my niece Tanner wears a Wonder Woman costume and so does wee baby cousin Rosemary. So why not in Houston's East End? Just asking.
The kids who come to my neighborhood are accompanied by smiling parents who invariably tell their the zombies and princesses and pirates "Say thank you," as we put a treat in their bags.
This year I have political yard signs. I hope some of the parents noticed and are voting? Earl put up some Halloween photos on Facebook and got this response from a student in his painting class at Lone Star. She said she loved the pictures, but the political signs gave her shivers up her spine. Earl answered, "Get a heating pad." I will not get into politics in this post - except by including those yard signs in my photographs. Have you voted?
We expected a dinner guest by 8:00 and she called to say she was stuck in traffic just a block away. Gridlocked by goblins and their chauffeurs. It took her over thirty minutes to make her way around the corner to our street.
Our guest brought Day of the Dead marigolds. We shared glasses of good white wine and broiled Alaskan salmon and wide ranging conversation. Dessert was healthy slices of pears and blackberries AND specially saved Halloween candy. That would be Reece's Peanut Butter cups, Milky Way bars and Butterfingers.
Visit continued until midnight with a look at a lot of 1980s photos. There is a new project stirring. More on that soon.
Today is Bill Camfield's 80th birthday party and we'll be there to celebrate. Expect to see a lifetime of friends there. Today is Earl's birthday and we'll celebrate at Zoya Tommy's Gallery with chocolate cheesecake. Today it is 68 degrees, clear and blue. These are good days.

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