Morning After Thanksgiving

Up earlier than I wanted to be this morning, but the good thing about getting out of bed at 6:00 a.m. was the early start on chopping onions,celery and garlic for turkey soup. As we left our Thanksgiving repast late yesterday afternoon, John gave me the turkey carcass in a white plastic trash bag. Yes, I'd asked for it so I could make soup.
My house smells wonderful this morning. The soup will simmer for hours and we'll have a rich broth for adding vegetables, and maybe rice or millet. Making turkey soup with the carcass reminds me of Mom. She hated dealing with the actual carcass and I remember pulling the last bits of turkey off the bones before she dropped the whole thing in a pot. Mom's soups were alway good. Hope I get the flavoring down as well as she did.
Thanksgiving was quieter this year. Only eleven folks at John and Trish's house, including baby Rosemary. Usually there are two or three tables and a couple dozen people. The whole afternoon was calmer and more laid back than usual. Lots of conversations, lots of watching Rosemary. As we sat down at one big table, John announced that this was was 43d Thanksgiving dinner he and Trish had hosted. Way back in the day, I believe we divided the holiday dinner among the three siblings. Kate had Easter and I had Christmas. Correct me, you two, if I'm wrong. It seemed to work out.
Carrie not only made her delectable pumpkin cheesemake with gluten free crust - girls, you'd have loved big fat slices - but sweet potatoes covered with carmelized pecans and that perennial green bean casserole. Carrie asked me to bring a 'big green salad' which I've been doing almost as long as John has been hosting Thanksgiving dinners.
Of course, we all ate far too much, making it easy to settle in the living room, several of us supine. And Rosemary, all tuckered out, held her 'lovey'. It was a very nice day.
And let me not forget to add that in the morning I shared phone conversations and a few texts with all three of my daughters, and with the wonder of iPhones, shared a few photos of their Thanksgiving dinners. Our extended family is both blessed and lucky.
And at the same time we gathered together yesterday, Ferguson was on my mind, like a lump. How could we not mention the pain and hurt of the families in Ferguson? Perhaps if Dad or Glenn had been in attendence, it'd have been spoken of in the Thanksgiving prayer, which one or the other of them always gave to the assembled family. We uttered no prayers of Thanksgiving this year, nor prayers for peace, tolerance and forgiveness.
To my daughters, let me say, we must institute the tradition of family prayers offered up together around our tables. Christmas is coming. Prepare.