Sunday, November 02, 2014

Evermore Pictures, Evermore Happenings

Earl and I went to a palapa party to celebrate progress made on the restoration of Mercedes Fernandez's 'Ventanas de Oportunidad' mural off Canal Street behind the original Ninfa's. The Greater East End District and a few others pulled funds together so the mural can be repainted. Mercedes has some of the original students working painting with her. They are no longer kids. They remembered what painting  this mural meant to them over a decade ago and so, returned to work with Mercedes once again.
And in the same time frame as this mural watch, Sally made a special dinner for long time friends. She served Greek food on a table that was pure Day of the Dead. What was not to enjoy, no, actually cherish? I feel the passing of time with these women whom I've know for almost fifty years. Can it be that long?
This dinner was followed by a women's afternoon gathering at Kem's new townhouse. More political talk - my women friends and their friends, and friends of friends - all cleave to the Yellow Dog Democrat demographic. We lament the redistricting of our state in order to favor ultra conservatives. Cities can't do the heavy Democratic lifting that their numbers suggest, because urban cores have been shattered and reconstituted as pie shapes so as to include wide open country where AM talk radio is BIG. Now, take a moment to imagine political discussions while sitting amongst Kem's velvet cushions.
Kem's party was the same day as the East End Street Festival. The Greater East End District has been overseeing the redo of the Navigation Boulevard with Livable Centers grant funds. Federal dollars are financing this make-over. Good for us. The Navigation esplanade is becoming a venue for food trucks and pop up vendors and music. The festival is a part of this new focus on Navigation. Read more on the district's website. 
By the way, I purchased this Day of the Dead stencil on corrugated cardboard and it's on my front door.
The Garcia brothers and me. Both Carlos (on right) and Bill (on left) served on the district board.

Thursday afternoon , I voted early at HCCS-Eastside, lured by State Representative Carol Alvarado's invite to vote and meet special guest Little Joe Hernandez. Knew I'd see precinct judges and long time colleagues from my days at the chamber and the district. And I'd see Little Joe Hernandez of La Familia. Jessica even brought an old La Familia 33 album for Little Joe's autograph. Lots of pictures were taken with Little Joe Hernandez. Not sure if we increased voter turnout, but it was fun.
I voted all blue, well a few carefully chosen local Republican judges ( I do my homeward and read Houston Chron endorsements). I brought with me my TX driver's license, my voter registration card and my American passport. Still had to initial that line that acknowledges that we all know the name on my driver's license carries both my maiden and married surnames. In 1967, when I first got a TX driver's license, having a maiden name on one's license seemed mandatory. So this driver's license photo ID matches no other ID. Must get that changed before I am disenfranchised by the Texas new voter ID law.

So, that's the week in pictures. Life is busy. The weather's getting cooler. And two photography exhibitions for 2015 are taking form in my head. They'll both have words, lots of words. All this is good news. Thanks for listening - or, to be more accurate, thanks for reading this rundown.

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