The Fountain Continues to Spew

Coincidence that I should have pulled Betty's Friedan's "The Fountain of Age" (published in 1993) off my bookshelf this week to reread and now, this morning's Sunday NYT magazine section is devoted to "The Fountain of Youth"???
Both cover the same subject, perhaps with different takes because they were written two decades apart. However, in both Friedan's book and today's NYT, it appears that older folks remain productive and engaged and are filled with wisdom and insight. If, and especially when, involved with ideas and integrated into the community. Early research, Friedan noted, studied special male populations who might already have been in nursing homes or were in ill health, so it was taken as a given that with age, all folks declined and were fairly useless.
Well, what I know at 72, is that I am brimming with ideas and hard at work on at least two potential new exhibitions and two different books and I am fearless enough to tell the world? I am always noting the clock, fierce about protecting my work time and forever cognizant that I may have just one good, meaning totally productive, decade left. I am hoping for more.
I am out to take that walk now, which I've neglected for several days because of work time and social engagements. Maybe most of the social engagements have to go?