Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just A Bit About Houston

It is Saturday morning and I've just read 'Apologia, Pro Urbe Sua', an article in Houstonia,On the Town, which debunks Houston's critics, namely Vincent Skully, and cites the great and the good about the city where I've lived for nearly 50 years. Nice to read in one sentence that Houston is home of "Space City USA? Art Car Parade? Lesbian mayor! Galleria! Beyonce! Beyonnnnceee!"
And I love this paragraph. Would that we truly cherished these things. Perhaps we do:
"We’re the ones who live next to the bipolar menace that is the Gulf of Mexico, one moment breezily offering up redfish and shrimp, the next trying to kill us with hurricanes. We’re the ones who brave 290, or the Gulf Freeway, or the Devil’s Banquet that is the 59-610 interchange.
"We’re the ones who turned strip bars into “Upscale Gentlemens Clubs” and converted a basketball arena into an enormous church that was once known as “The Oasis of Love.” (I imagine that in the old days, the odd conventioneer wandering into the “Oasis of Love” was discomfited to find not tassels and G-strings, but the sincere and toothy grins of Clan Osteen.) We’re the ones who combined a tabletop hunk of prairie, several industrial pumps, and a large ring of concrete into a ragged approximation of Niagara Falls called The Waterwall, and made it the most popular spot for quinceaƱera photos on the planet. We are the city that forged beloved cultural icons out of a bewigged man with a cosmetic surgery fetish and a guy dressed in a full-sized mattress, jumping around and screaming “Saves You Money! Saves You Money!”"
Onward into my day. The sun is out after a week of pouring rain that is drowning my garden plants and perhaps the big elm tree in the ravine. Perhaps, I'll clip a few errant vines. Let the cat out and then in and then out, again. And I will write. Better yet, I will walk. Get those 10,000 steps in.
Windows have been covered with wetness all week. So very humid outside.

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