'It' Germinating

Something new is germinating in my head. I sense that soon, the 'new' will burst from the ground that is myself, out into the open, where I can take a look at 'it'. This idea has been pushing and shoving its way into my consciousness for quite awhile. Of late, I move quietly through my days, expectant and not about to rush 'it' in any way. But I know 'it' is coming. This week I can almost see 'it', but not clearly. 'It' is still germinating.
What I do know it that 'it' will play with images and words. 'It' may incorporate many of my blog posts, on diverse subjects too. Pages or pieces of 'it' can stand alone or become part of a whole. 'It' does not have a name yet. It will be sort of a memoir. Perhaps somewhat like a commonplace book. 'It' can possibly be projected on walls or hung in frames or become part of an installation, an environment.
I never documented quite how the idea for Second Seating burst forth, but I know it was a process much like this one. Ruminations, soft eyes, back tracking, looking, photographing juxtaposing disparate objects, writing random notes. I am circling, but never looking straight on, because 'it's' not yet in the open.
Soon it will be out there, tangible, at least to me. Then I can think about it. The concept, will emerge. And then, ideas for making 'it' real will burst out like flood waters. I'll be writing page after page, rushing to get it all down. Early morning will be the very best time to bring this 'thing' into real time, where I can see it.
I am so close to knowing what this new 'thing' is. 'It' will have an on-line presence. 'It' may be all on-line at first. Before it becomes a book or is exhibited on walls. Before it morphs into an installation. But I get ahead of myself.
Each day this week - and it is only Wednesday - I've walked in my neighborhood, always bringing back leaves and pine cones and pecan shells that are scattered over the sidewalks.  I photograph all this stuff and then I wander around my house and screen porch, still photographing. Today I looked at long ago collages and then covered them with vines, twigs, shells, pink plastic shoes, added a few words and rephotographed them.
Had an energy lapse after lunch and took to my bed, but did not nap. Instead, I attempted to put 'it' into words. Just a few words. None that would contain it before it grows ever bigger. With great deliberation, I wrote a few paragraphs, wrote as if I were describing something not yet seen, but only sensed. I played with a photo app, overlaying words on an image. Uploaded the thing to Instagram and once again, found another whole world out there. I've always known this new thing will, in some form, be on Instagram.
I'll sleep on 'it' again tonight. Maybe tomorrow, 'it' will burst forth?