Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Dean V. Thompson Memorial Underway

The family is gearing up for a splendid memorial for DVT. All 29 of Mom and Dad's progeny will be in one place at one time to celebrate Dad's life with stories, pictures and conversation, all things this family does very well. After all, he and Mom taught us how to tell stories about our family, especially around the dinner table, and as you can see from the photo of Dad at Pink Island, how to document goings-on with film.
So Friday's convocation should be quite wonderful. And of course, our storytelling on this special occasion will be documented for replay. Thank you, Heather Maher!
Mary B just finished a ten minute-three second video titled "Dean V. Thompson, A Life Well Lived" and having played it repeatedly, I know that the older of Dad's progeny will cry and laugh and understand why each picture has been included. And, watch and listen carefully as there are subtleties in the combination of photos and music. Thank you, Mary B!
Caroline formatted the program with its photos and narrative of Dad's life and we'll have it printed today.  Thank you, Caroline! Caroline also tapped her favorite caterer and planned a fine feast with dishes that recall Dad's favorites. Clue: remember how Dad loved salmon patties?
I've called Dad's pastor David Kile and he will attend our memorial as will Dad's special caregivers - those who gave so much to make his last years filled with warmth and gentle care.
Kate is gearing up for Saturday's annual picnic in Discovery Park and yes, weather forecasts tell us the day will look just like this photo from a year ago. Yesterday, Kate picked blackberries for cobbler - we couldn't have the picnic without cobbler. Thank you Kate! Your cobbler is so like Mom's, which means that it's really good. We're also counting tables, folding chairs and plastic cups and filling the cooler with cold drinks.
I am sending another email missive out today to coordinate the side dishes folks will bring. I will be at the butcher shop on Thursday morning to buy two beef briskets and then on Friday afternoon and evening, those briskets will be set in the oven at 300 degrees for a very long time.
Family arrives in Seattle all day Thursday from Houston, Portland and North Carolina. Good weather is predicted for the entire weekend. Hurray for this three generation family celebrating itself and the two people who started this whole chain of events and lives.
Mom's 91st birthday, celebrated with all seven grandchildren. And I see a small great grand child off to the right of the photo.

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