Day on Sunnyside

Caroline said that when Charlie Bean was an infant she could hold all of him in her hand. After supper the other night, she put her hand across his back. Seems the boy has grown a lot in ten years. That was the evening Caroline made a gluten free galette loaded with peaches and it was good, especially covered with the caramel ice cream that Charlie chose.
The last galette I shared was at Aggie's house in June and that one was stuffed with apricots. A poignant moment for me to eat another knowing that just two months later, Aggie lays in hospice.
By the way, check out the image on Caroline's tee shirt. Its caption is '45 is the new 33.' Surely some of my readers will get the message, especially when they take in that image on the shirt.
After the galatte, there were popsicles. Healthy pomegranate fruit popsicles.
Oh, and Lulu shot a couple of baskets earlier in the day. Basketball is big in the Kleban household.