And at the McGrady household...

Yesterday, my FitBit registered over 16,000 steps and almost 8 miles. Walked around Green Lake in the morning with Caroline and a friend of hers and then in the afternoon, Jeanne and the kids and I walked from their house to the Phinney Public Library which is on 80th Street. There were a couple of muted complaints on the way back and a quick sit down on the bench in front of the new fire station, but on the whole, we were all troopers. Walking is good, especially when the errand is to pick up a new library book. Kelan was halfway through his new book by dinner time.
Lauren and I took another walk two days ago during that hour of golden western sunshine. She wanted to show me a garden filled with roses, dahlias and black eyed Susans. She's beautiful and so are the flowers.
We've played several games of SET in the last couple of days. I told Kelan and Lauren I needed tutoring, that I'd been teaching friends, but that we were all quite slow on the uptake. Takes us about 30 minutes to complete a game, a full minute or two to 'see' a set of three. So here's a short video of them playing at their pace. And BTW, they are good coaches. I say, "Tell me when you see a set and then give me a chance to see it." They'll say, "Look at this card. It is part of the set."
And Kelan says, "It helps to look at the cards in twos. Makes it easier to find the third." Good advice.
Here's the link: Jeanne, Kelan and Lauren play SET.