Sunday, July 13, 2014

In My Neighborhood, This Is What We Do

In the early morning, I am always seized with possibilities. The day holds everything. I can do anything, especially when nothing is scheduled. Like today. But a bit of indulgent busy work first.

I am adding photos to this Rockbridge Times post to show how many retaining walls surround folk's front yards in my neighborhood. Lots of erosion as we have rolling terrain and our houses and front lawns are most often higher than city sidewalks. Gravity sucks away soil every time it rains. My use of old bricks just two days ago for a such retaining wall makes me a late arrival.
There are erosion consequences without retaining walls. Including shoes filled with fine sand after a morning walk.
Some folks get very fancy with new brickwork and concrete. I noticed this construction happening on Merry Lane last week. All newly laid brick pavers the full length of the driveway too.
There is stonework in my neighborhood too. And decorative lions at one abode. Earl asked me if I was going to have lions out in front of the house now that I have a brick retaining wall. What do you think?
OK, I am off on a walk now before the sun gets to high and hot. Happy Sunday. Fill your day with possibility too.

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