Gone to Galveston to Gather Lilies

And travel to Galveston is just what Irina and I did last Monday on a perfect blue breezy hot summer day. After, I might add, I went by Virgil Cox's hardware store to buy a small and strong steel shovel. I told Virgil I was going to scavenge lilies in an old municipal cemetery so well tended that old fashioned lilies are routinely mowed down and cleared from the concrete graves. A sacrilege, I think. He said to call him if I needed bail money.
I've visited that particular cemetery for decades and it used to be covered with a profusion of lilies. In the 1980s, I took beautiful black and white photographs of lily leaves and hand colored large 16 x 20 prints and made collages out of small prints. I brought home lily pods filled with seeds by the bag full.
Of late, whoever cares for this cemetery, mows without mercy. Hence, the free feeling I have about gathering small lily plants to bring home for my garden. The new small shovel was a powerhouse.
Within minutes, Irina and I filled two white trash bags with plants and then sweating, we moved on to lunch and strong black coffee at a lovely spot, the name of which I've forgotten.
And then we went to the beach for a walk along the water's edge. So very much seaweed, but wonderful with bare feet when wet and spongy. We had a very good day.
The baby lilies are now mostly planted and all are in full shock. Leaves curled and browning. The afternoon sun is brutal. However, I suspect that since they've already been so ill treated, they will survive and be quite lovely next spring and summer. They will look like this. And we will have saved them from another buzz cut.