Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bricks and Mortar

At long last, I put those old bricks to use, those bricks that were stacked up in the back yard next to mine for almost two years. Now those bricks neatly contain the edges of the garden in the front of my house.
Two summers ago, I took down Mrs. Teer's original brick wall/fence along my back property line. The old brick wall had listed perilously for years. More and more loose bricks were breaking free from their mortar and landing in my neighbor's back yard. He'd stacked concrete blocks against it, fearing, I am sure, total collapse.
A sturdy new fence was built.  I insisted that the old bricks be neatly stacked by the new fence builders. They were to be used for a new project. At the time, I was not sure for exactly what project. The bricks simply seemed worth saving. When I replaced the old brick wall, I told the neighbor Mr. Lee - who only visits his property sporatically - that he could use some of the bricks. However, I told him, I reserved those that were stacked and I'd get them out of his way as soon as possible. Right.
This week, I took action. Called Charles Krenzler's bricklayer and asked if he could lay those old bricks around the corner where my driveway meets the sidewalk. Erosion and my difficulty backing down the driveway has just ruined that corner.
Before: Unkempt, eroding and concrete is flattened by my car wheels.

So, more one long, hot day, two men carted and laid bricks for a small retaining wall along the entire length of my property. The front of my house no longer looks unkempt. It is beautiful.
I love the new look.  In fact, I like this new little wall along my sidewalk so much that the side of my driveway now appears bedraggled in comparison. It needs a brick border too. So I am on my way over to my neighbor's property to see how many of 'my' bricks still remain. The brick mason says I need about 110 bricks to continue up the side of my driveway in style.
Well, I am near heat stroke and I'd say I'd completed weight training for the day. I gathered and tossed 45 bricks over my new back fence and then carried the bricks, three at a time, to a secure location near my back door. Tomorrow I will gather and toss the other 65. These bricks feel like contraband, even though they came from my old wall. I will maintain that Mr. Lee has used his share. I told him to use what he wanted and he has done just that. Now, I claim those that remain.
The case of near heat stroke has abated, so I've decided to gather and toss the remaining 65 bricks this very afternoon. Just to be sure they are on my side of the fence.


Sharon said...

I like the look ~ nicely done. I love the idea of using those old bricks in a new project. Your yard looks green and lush.

MMH said...

Lovely to hear from you. How are your days? Must return to your blog and find out. Hope your summer is a good one.