Thursday, June 26, 2014

Various and Sundry

Coffee and donuts tableau @ Second Seating Replay, Diverse Works. Opens June 27.
A sudden surge of happy energy has overtaken me this morning. My legs may ache from lack of chi (is that the reason or is my system being poisoned with unfortunate food choices or are the aches a combination of the two?), but my heart and attitude are on a roll. 'Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other' opens at Diverse Works tomorrow night and I've spent most of the last week tableauing - recreating parts of 2009's original 'Seating Seating'. 
The banquet table (which is really a cabinet of curiosities) is ready, except for the placement of a watermelon on top of the samovar and four green pears in a curvy green relish dish. I will filling three  vintage brown glass Clorox bottles with white carnations - these on the white linens table under the Clorox bottle chandelier. 
We will be done when DW's staff positions two stage lights over that banquet table to bring out its sparkle. 
Spot lights will soon add the sparkle.
And we will be totally done when Jose brings his china cup and plate totem to hang in the center of the Wall of Plates. He's on his way from Brownsville with it today. Recreating this stuff has been a lot of fun. Tableau and text are two of my favorite things.
My mind is also on a roll. Thinking lamps. Why have those two small Noguchi lamps  been packed away for so long? Why not put both of them beside my bed set on different levels of books - another tableau and more light by which to read? And why not move the tall Noguchi floor lamp from my bedroom into the living room and show it off?  
Bought all three Noguchi lamps in Chicago in 1966. Just looked on line at the Noguchi Museum website and noticed immediately that I bought these lamps for a fraction of the cost they sell for now.  It's crazy not to have all three of them lighting my house. 
So, I will rethink all my lighting, move existing lamps around and add more. I've never had enough lighting in my house, ever.  So I've heard from the men who've passed through my life. Why do men notice the lack of 'sufficient' lighting? Perhaps it is time to rectify that, on my own terms. Especially as I've gotten rid of my living room couch and replaced it with a chair from The Guild Shop. Makes room to 'lamp up' my living room. 
Yesterday afternoon I was in city council chambers again to speak before the Quality of Life committee in favor of a Houston Botanic Garden at Gus Wortham Golf Course. Apparently, the golfers get first dibs on raising the requisite $15 million for renovations and they will be held to funding a conservancy also. They are not happy about stepping up for a conservancy and that may kill the deal for them. If the city holds the line.  I'd say that with the number of golfers declining nationwide every single year, it makes sense to have a self sustaining golf course, i.e., a conservancy. A conservancy makes great good sense, especially as the golfers base their arguments to save this golf course precisely because of its unique history and place within the East End community. If they want living history, a conservancy is a necessity. On the other hand, using the course for a world class botanic garden, preserves both the green space, opens it up to everyone and makes money. I am weary of the politics and face saving going on right now.
Finding myself more and more in the mood for sewing - another way to collage, perhaps? Aggie gave me the address of a designer's warehouse in San Antonio last week - an over-the-top space filled with racks of sample clothes and bolts of the leftover fabric. Hemp, linen, cotton and rayon. Of course, I made selections and am ever more ready for a dress form for draping.
Sky is dark and rain is coming again. The gardens are lush with new green growth. Am hoping Mary Elizabeth makes it over here soon to plant variegated pittosporum along the length of the back fence where I had most of my ginger dug up. I love those towering stalks of ginger, but hate when they freeze and turn brown. Pittosporum won't freeze and it grows round and high. Saved clumps of ginger at either end of the fence. Maybe it will bloom again in summer 2015?
Enough of all this Thursday morning random opinion. Have appointments this afternoon, including a board meeting at GEEMD. And an opening at Houston's The Printing Museum this evening. Earl has two prints in their new exhibition.
And then there is tomorrow's opening of 'Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other.' Here are a few more photos of the banquet table's 'Celebration Remanents'.
I had a REALLY good time recreating this table. As I've said, tableaus and text are my favorites things.

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