Smitten By Skirts

Funny things happen upon awakening at 3:30 a.m. One can on-line shop at this hour, which is what I did last Wednesday night. Or was it very early Thursday morning? I clicked through my emails and found one from Lola Frocks. Often I delete, but for whatever reasons, not this time. Lola acquires stray pieces of funky fashionable wearables and posts them, catalog style. I initially subscribed to Lola Frocks because I found Magnolia Pearl garments there. I'd lusted after Magnolia Pearl after seeing a trunk show in a small shop on Sunset.
On Wednesday night - or very early Thursday morning - I clicked through Lola Frocks newest merchandise and suddenly, there it was. A skirt I didn't know I needed or wanted until the moment it appeared on the screen. I was instantly smitten with this Kristin Larson many layered peppermint striped silk skirt. It reminded me of the fabrics I retrieved from ruin after Hurricane Ike. It had that look of age and beauty. I pictured wearing this skirt with a blue chambray work shirt or a linen Tee or a floppy flowered print. I envisioned myself shopping at Whole Foods in this skirt.
I scrolled on through Lola Frocks inventory. And found another Kristen Larson treasure. Taffeta plaid against a shade of soft shrimp the designer calls 'bliss'. Indeed. For the second time, I was smitten.
I determinedly left and perused Alternet, tuned in to Facebook. But I couldn't get those skirts out of my mind. At approximately 4:00 a.m. I returned to and rose from my bed to find a credit card. 
These skirts are definitely 'cost-per-wear' items, which in our family translates as the following: "This garment is too expensive, but definitely wonderful. If you buy it, you already know that you will wear it often, so calculate its cost-per-wear. You plan to wear it until it's threadbare. Therefore, it is not so expensive after all." 
Done! I fell back asleep, with dreams of sugar plums and peppermint stripes. Mid-morning, I received an email from LolaFrocks. The message was, "PayPal is the way to go." By afternoon, I'd done the deed and got this response  "You figured it (PayPal) out -- and in time for shipping today!  Unless the post office messes up (which it occasionally does!) the package should be delivered on Saturday. Enjoy!!
I did indeed receive both skirts mid-Saturday afternoon. Tried each one on immediately. Stood in front of the tall mirror in my dining room. The peppermint stripe was perfect, its fabric soft, as if it had already been worn many, many times. A keeper.
The bliss taffeta skirt for which I'd had such high hopes was wonderful too, but its polyester stiffness made it a permanent party skirt. It was voluminous. In a good way, but not in a way that would suggest stepping from a car to buy groceries at Whole Foods.  No, this skirt was for garden parties, elegant supper parties. But how could one know this, even looking at this image of the skirt's backside? 
I folded the stiff taffeta skirt, put it back in the shipping box. I am not hosting a garden party this season or traveling to Tuscancy or the Turkish seaside, so our family's cost-per-wear scenario was unusable as rationale.
Early this morning, I emailed "Received both skirts mid-day Saturday. They are treasures. However, I am keeping just one. The candy striped silk skirt I can wear almost daily and it could go traveling to Oaxaca. I absolutely love it!
"The taffeta bubble skirt is beautiful too. Love the fabric, but its bulk preludes that wearability that I was going for. I can't see it popping into Whole Foods wearing it, even when paired with an oxford shirt. It is with regret that I will take it to the post office this morning. I hope someone else quickly snaps it up for summer suppers in the garden. Thanks for such fast mailing. I was on pins and needles waiting for these skirts to arrive.
I've hung the peppermint striped skirt in my closet and just received Lola Frock's email reply, "Thanks for letting me know!  I will issue a refund as soon as I receive it back. I just found out I'm getting in a lot more Krista Larson treasures in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for them in my newsletters.  You may yet find that perfect piece to wear to Whole Foods (or another one for Oaxaca)!"
I dare not look. Perhaps a trip to The Guild Shop will suffice? Even better, let me sleep soundly every single night.