Oak Tree in My Front Garden

Several years ago, Hurricane Ike did great damage to trees in my neighborhood. Over 100 mature trees were felled, roots upended by wind and heavy rains. The oak tree on the property line between my next door neighbor and me dropped a huge branch on the cars in their driveway and as they feared the remainder of the tree might fall also, it was sawed down. I still miss its shade over my driveway.
What I don't miss are the hundreds, if not not thousands of acorns that dropped into my monkey grass lawn. All of which produced baby oak trees by the hundreds. I'd sit in the grass after a rain when the soil was moist and pull up these baby trees.
However, there was one baby oak taller than the rest and very hardy looking.  I left this baby tree alone and watched it grow inch by inch until it was waist high. That was the first year.
And look at it now after 4+ years. A real beauty of a young oak tree. And it is amazing that I referencing a blog post from 2007 to tell the story of this oak tree in front of my house. I've been blogging for a long, long time. There's a book in that blog waiting to come out.