Oscar Night With Ellen

I love watching the Oscars, beginning with entrances on the red carpet. The dresses, the dresses, the dresses. Very simple this year, richly colored draped fabrics. Or all over iridescent beading.
Jennifer Lawrence, you with the husky laugh at the end of your sentences.
A beautiful woman with a very flat chest,  a very sexy look.

Ellen DeGeneres is hosting. And she's funny. A good intro. Terrific tux jacket. Navy velvet.
And look who won Best Supporting Actor. 'Dallas Buyer's Club's' Rayon.  Jared Leto made a bit long, but heartfelt acceptance speech, paying tribute to his mother, who as a single teenage mom raised two sons very well. Leto has dreamy eyes - reminded me of the the young Brad Pitt in 'Thelma and Louise'. Leto was terrific as Rayon in 'Dallas Buyer's Club'.
The moment I fell in love with Brad Pitt.
Here's Rayon with Mathew. Things aren't going too well.
Leto reiterated the 'dream theme' I am noticing this evening. I don't ever remember hearing so much Oscar talk about 'Dream it and you can be it." Are we hearing it again and again tonight because its actually so improbable these days? Were actors asked to include this in their remarks? Is it propaganda? How many Americans can 'dream it' and 'be it' these days? 
Kim Novak is presenting with Mattew McConnerty. Unfortunately, Novak has had too much work done on her face. She can't smile any more, but still has a throaty voice. Or is the throaty voice because she really cannot open her mouth very wide anymore? I am not sure.
Remember her when? Her eyes still have it.
"The Great Beauty' just won Best Foreign Film. I loved this film, which we saw at the MFA in January. I'd see it again in a minute. And for this Oscar presentation, Earl was absent from the room. Missed the entire thing. Well…..maybe he can reread my blog post about the movie or Google the acceptance speech. Now he's just returned, with freshly brushed teeth.
Wow, here comes Ellen in white. And she's down in the audience inviting a dozen stars to join her for a selfie. Just caught it on my iPhone and downloaded for this blog post.
P.S. I am also keeping up with Doug Parker's Facebook Oscar commentary. Of Sally Fields, he has this to say, "Sally is stunning. Now THAT is good work!" It is good work or Ms. Fields is aging VERY well.
Another 'dream theme' comment from that beautiful Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, "No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid." I liked the word 'valid'. Yup, our dreams are valid. It's making them come true where things get complicated.
Ellen's ordered pizza and served it to stars in the front rows. A lot of folks actually took pieces - good sports all. Can they squeeze a slice of pizza into those skinny dresses? Were there enough napkins? Anyone spill a hunk of gooey tomato sauce? On her dress? His tie? Serving pizza at the Oscars is courting disaster.
Next Ellen crosses the stage in total costume as a pink Glenda, the good witch as part of the tribute to Judy Garland who's three kids were in the audience. A real surprise. How many more costume changes? Can she top this one?
It is after 10:00 and I am tired, but Glenn Close presenting, in sophisticated black, her mature body covered. Fitting and gorgeous. Beautiful woman. Doug Parker disagrees on the dress. Diane Barber is with me on this one. Refer to Facebook.
In memorium: Peter O'Toole, Esther Williams, the inventer Ray Dolby, Joan Fontaine, Philip Seymour Hoffman, James Gandolfini, Sid Csesar and Shirley Temple Black are now all among the missing. And the script writer for 'A Room With a View'.
John Travolta is wearing something similar to Ellen's latest look - a well tailored black suit and black shirt. He is introducing one of the 'best' songs. We haven't heard a good vocalist yet. Am I too hard on the voices I hear lately? Do any of these people ever get vocal training or do they simply wing it?
Ellen collected $20s to tip the pizza man. Harvey Weinstien was her first catch, then John Travolta, Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt. She got a roll of lip balm from Oscar winner Lupita N'yongo and tucked it in her pocket. Good to have lip balm.
Minutes later she pulled the balm from her pocket to use. She's on top of everything here.
Cate Blanchett wins Best Actress for 'Blue Jasmine'. She was terrific, making two memorable remarks as she accepted her award. She thanked the Academy for their 'random and subjective' choices and then she plugged the notion of women in prime time film rolls. 'Blue Jasmine' stayed in theaters, she said and such movies can make money. We want to see them. They are not 'niche expereinces'. Right on, Cate.
Cate did mention Woody Allen, albeit briefly, with one phrase only. It was his picture, after all. I've read that folks were wondering if she would, or wouldn't, mention him. Too many stories of late - renewed allegations - that he molested his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow. Hard choice there, Cate.
Matthew McConaughy won Best Actor and got sooooo many biographical life details into his thanks. And he was the only winner of the evening who mentioned God. No 'dream theme' here. Instead, thanks to God and family. Jennnifer Lawrence presented in that stunning red dress.
At last, "Twelve Years A Slave"wins Best Picture. Of course. Ellen is giving a quick 'good night' to all. It's over. Good job, all.