Cold Winter Walk in San Antonio

Took a walk in Aggie's neighborhood in San Antonio late this afternoon. It's cold here. I suspect it's cold all over Texas right now. The berried nandina bush just outside Aggie's kitchen window was wrapped in ice this morning. Icicles fell from the eves of the house and appeared as shards of glass on the ground. Even inside the house, there was a distinct chill near the windows, on the floor. The temperature held just above freezing all day long.
As I walked, making those three miles on my Fitbit, I noticed a lot of wrapped fragile plants. Folks used burlap coffee bean bags, black plastic trash bags and sheets. Under one sheet I could see brightly shining holiday lights.
At the front door of a handsome stone house, there were large black quilts covering plants/bushes on either side of the door. Almost looked like totem figures guarding the entrance. I took a photograph of these quilt-covered bushes just as the gentleman of the house opened his front door. He was so intent on his iPhone that he never saw me as I  departed quickly from his gate and headed up the block.  I was hoping to take a second shot that included the entirety of the covered bush on the right. Not to be with having a conversation with the home owner.
Earlier in the afternoon, Aggie and I lunched at Milagrito. She ordered caldo de res and I, the green chicken enchiladas. We both asked for glasses of 'warm' water, no ice.
Workshop begins tomorrow morning and runs through Sunday afternoon at 4:00. We will learn how to take images and send them to an on-line site where our patterns and designs can be put on linen, cotton, a variety of materials. I've wanted that photograph of hand painted lily leaves on fabric for 25 years. Tomorrow I'll learn how to make it happen.
BTW, I walked by a small stucco house with a very wide grand set of stairs. What an entrance. Who planned and built this house?
Not exactly sure why I am writing this post, except that I like to walk in this neighborhood and I have photos to show.